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Water Balloon Solution

It’s been a record setting 12 months of extra warm weather, so hot that planes are being delayed due to the tarmac turning into pudding. This video isn’t going to get your plane in the air on time, but it has one pretty good solution for keeping cool.

We shot with the RED Epic camera enabling us to get print images while shooting motion. Preparing for the shoot, we filled a large ice chest with water balloons and ice cold water. We found that adding water to the ice chest keeps the balloons at the bottom from prematurley exploding — who knew?! The result was a refreshing day creatively exploding water balloons in the warm California sun.

Bierut in LA

Michael Bierut

A rockstar in the world of design, Michael Beirut came to LA and sold out the 300 person Independent Theater in Downtown Los Angeles. Beirut is one of the partners at Pentagram, the world’s largest independent advertising agency. The format of his presentation was a loose lesson plan that covered inspirations, experiences, hard truths, all based from his personal evolution as a designer. He shared with us examples of his work designing the facade of the New York Times building and the packaging for Saks 5th Ave.

It was a nice treat for the LA design community who haven’t seen Bierut here in LA for almost a decade.

Battle Against Myopia


Master Lock has been able to remain a household name because of good design. Peering through this iconic bullet hole is Chief Marketing Director, Scott Williams.
For this AIGA LA event, Williams was at A+D Museum in Los Angeles to rage war against myopia in design. Williams was armed with his years of experiences working and consulting for large corporations. He shared how the investments he demanded in smart design enabled an 80 year old company, like Master Lock, to be able to prosper even within a market lousy with low cost competition.

La Kiss

As the sun set the day of the shoot, everything felt right. We had captured all the footage we needed for the test that we had planned with Oishii Creative. This last scene was going to be just “bonus” material — so we just let the good vibes keep coming.

The fun vignettes are intended to be mixed with motion graphics in order to frame information in a more interesting way.  This clip was the last sequence we captured that day.  Running around at the waters edge, holding hands and one innocent kiss.  What a great way to wrap up.

My vote for Lawyer Prom’s best dressed. View high resolution

My vote for Lawyer Prom’s best dressed.

A birds eye view of a cute couple View high resolution

A birds eye view of a cute couple

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